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Hey everyone, so since the Seltos is so new, there's very limited resources out there for upgrading the SX Bose audio package. I'm coming from a 2015 Sportage with aftermarket head unit, a powered JBL 12" sub (JBL GT BassPro 12), and 4 coaxial door speakers. I did not do any of the work (just assisted a guy I paid) so my knowledge is extremely limited, even though it is a topic I am very passionate about. Long story short, it appears from reading online the newer cars with Infotainment systems are much harder to install aftermarket audio systems in. Part of my sales contract with my local Kia dealership was free installation on a new sound system by their technicians which keeps my warranty intact. Right now I am component shopping. I have picked out my LOC (AudioControl LC2i 2 Channel Line Out Converter) and am struggling with everything else. Big questions are as follows:

1. Any information on the amplifier that's already installed? Is it sufficient to power four 4 ohm door speakers, two tweeters, a center dash speaker and, potentially the 6.5" preinstalled sub in the cargo area?

2. What size is the center speaker? I cant find it ANYWHERE and I'm not about to rip my dash apart to find out. What would be the best way to upgrade this? Would omitting this center speaker (or the rear cargo 6.5" factory "sub") help power the main 4 door speakers + tweeters better?

3. The "sub" that comes preinstalled in the back is just another 6.5" speaker. If I am installing a new, powered sub into the vehicle, should I also purchase a new after market speaker to put in that slot or will have another active speaker in the cargo area mess up the sound stage?

Thank you all so much for your knowledge and insight.
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