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If you ask this question to 100 people, you will probably get 101 opinions. And that's what they are - opinions. Here's mine:

Stick with what is recommended in the owner's manual. These are written by the engineers who designed, built, and tested these engines. To me (again, my opinion), that carries far more weight than what someone says on the internet or what some service writer recommends.

I usually subtract about 10%-20% just as a safety cushion. For example, if it recommends oil change at 7,500 miles, I shoot for around 6,000. FWIW - I use full synthetic oil and do all the oil changes myself. The only time I change it at less miles is when the time limit is up. (In 2020, I only drove about 3K miles, but still changed it just before 12 months.) If you tow, idle a lot, extreme weather, or some other "severe use" action, adjust accordingly according to the manual.

For your Toyota, if you are going close to 10K miles between changes, I would feel more comfortable using full synthetic oil. That's just me.

Your driving schedule appears to avoid the caveat of lots of short trips in cold weather where the engine never gets fully warm, so I'll skip that.

Tire rotations - I'm sorry to say I'm not able to preach "tire rotations DOUBLE the life of my tires." I'm not tied into the oil change schedule here, so I get it done every 10K miles or so, but notice no appreciable benefit. For our '19 Subaru Forester, I looked in the owner's manual to see whether the tires go front-back on the same side, or if the fronts come straight back and the rears go forward to the opposite side. It's the latter. I mark my tires before going in, and found that several times they just do front to back without crossing. Even when I asked afterwards - Did you cross the rears moving forward? - they swear up and down on the holy Bible they did, until I show them my marks. If you're going to get it done and pay for it, get it done right.

(Note: We own a '20 Soul LX and a '19 Subaru Forester AWD. We've had a '22 Seltos LX AWD on order since November.)

Again, this is just some guy (me) on the internet giving an opinion. Hope this helps.
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