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Thanks for the reply.
I just asked a coworker about his Tacoma. He takes it to a dealer and they said once a year, which puts him near the 10,000 miles per service mark in the manual.

So I think that's what I will do, the 7,500, ask for the interval service including a tire rotation. Should be around twice a year then.
For every new and new-to-me car that I've purchased, I've always done a used oil analysis to ensure I'm not going too long or potentially changing the oil/filter when there is still a lot of life left in the oil. I've also done an oil analysis after extreme driving events. Probably 20% of the miles on our sports car has been on a race track so I tested the oil after the first weekend event to find that it probably should be changed after that 900 mile weekend. I also found out that after a high speed road trip in our now-deceased Rav4, that high speed (90+ MPH) freeway driving over mountain passes really didn't degrade the oil any more than regular driving over the same distance. Another oil analysis told me that the engine on my first generation Miata was really getting pretty worn, with increasing amounts of metallic byproducts in the oil as time went along. It's really the only way to know for sure, though if Kia requires oil changes at a specific interval to maintain the warranty, then you've got to do for just that. I guess in this case a used oil analysis really just to make sure that the interval isn't too long.
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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