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Show Weather Forecast at Destination on SX Turbo / Navigation

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Just an FYI item. I could have sworn that on my 2016 Soul + I could display the weather forecast at other locations. I found it helpful for those 8 hour drives out here in the West when weather can change quickly. I know there are plenty of other ways on your phone to do that, but was curious on the car. I find that IF (and only if) you have a destination set in navigation, you can go to main screen, scroll to left and tap UVO / Weather and tap the menu (three lines) icon. At that point you have an option for Destination (and only the destination) - and that will quickly show you weather at your destination, and the next two day forecast. HOWEVER, an easier and more comprehensive/longer forecast is available now from a voice command (using Soundify I believe) - e.g., "what is the weather forecast for Layton, Utah". Thought it was interesting. Remember those voice commands only work if you have sufficient modem strength (-70 to -90 range - see Setup button / UVO / Modem Status). P.S. This is with the June 2021 s/w update.


Here's what you don't want to see on Modem status like in most of my town! (too weak)....

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