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Sofino Leather Treatment - Need Recommendations?

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Was wondering if anybody has any recommendations for a leather treatment for
the Sofino (synthetic) leather in the SX Turbo and other models?

I am sure just about any leather treatment would work fine, but wanted something
that would not clog up the pores in the seat and protect it. While I like it and the seat
is plenty comfortable, it would be nice to get it smoothed out a bit so slide in and out
a bit easier. Don't want it to be super slick or greasy of course.

So what products have you tried or recommend?
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I’ve just been using regular wipes. Armorall or whatever they are called. I do worry about using leather products on synthetic leather as I dunno if it absorb like real leather does? - and therefore don’t want the product to just rest on the surface of the seats?
Real leather needs to be able to "breathe" and basically behaves the same way your own skin does when it comes to moisturizing. The sofino on the other hand is a man-made material so you shouldn't have to worry about using the wrong product on it. If you find the material too tacky or grippy (it does kind of grab your pants like velcro) then Armorall would probably do the trick to make it a bit more slippery. I would NEVER put armorall on a real leather surface but for the sofino it should be okay.
There are so many other specific products better than Armorall for the seats, I just had to pick one and try it.

I just got this from Amazon and it did a very nice job without being too slick, greasy or shiny or smelling odd.
I also used it on a bunch of faux leather furniture we have the house (higher end stuff) and it did just great.

It does not have really much smell (as in the reviews) and I got and read the data sheet on it,
Nothing alarming (if you don't drink it) or carcinogenic in it. It also clearly recommends to NOT use
on actual leather, which makes sense with what was said about real leather - which there are 1000 products
for as well.

TriNova Leatherette, Vinyl and Faux Leather Cleaner & Conditioner

Will see how it does as the weather warms up a bit, but I was OK with it so far.
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TriNova Leatherette
I second this product!
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