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Greetings! My wife and I have looked at several compact SUVs the past month to replace our '19 Subaru Forester (base). We owned a 2013 Kia Soul (base) and enjoyed almost 7 years and 95K trouble-free miles. Great car, and my wife loved it, so we bought a new '20 Kia Soul LX (again, the base model) and have enjoyed it the past 2 years.

Three years ago, just as we were both retiring, we replaced our '14 Kia Sorento (LX V-6 AWD) with the '19 Forester. We planned to do a LOT of travelling, and liked the extra space. We managed to get one long trip to the Southwest just before COVID closed everything down. We've still made several short trips, but only racked up 26K miles in 3 years (7K miles of that was the one long trip).

Although the extra space was nice, we really only filled it up maybe 3%-5% of the time. My wife felt much more comfortable driving the Soul. We decided to look around for something a little smaller that fits easier into our garage. We looked at the RAV4 and CR-V, but they are about the same size as the Forester. We went to the Kia dealer (where I used to work as the webmaster and vehicle photographer) and looked at the Sportage. Very nice, but still almost as big as the Forester. There were no Seltos (Selti??) on the lot except for the salesman's personal car, and it was a loaded SX Turbo. My wife sat in it and fell in love, but she (like I) does not want all the "bells and whistles". Plus, it has almost the same cargo/passenger space inside considering we usually have the rear seat folded down and rarely carry passengers, and it gets better MPG.

Long story short (I know, too late for that!), we spent the past week researching the LX AWD and decided that's what we want. Later this week, we will be taking in the Forester and ordering a steel gray '22 Seltos LX AWD. Since a large part of the "chassis" and drivetrain are identical to our '20 Soul (same 2.0 MPFI engine and IVT), they should behave very similarly. We got a very generous trade-in on the Subaru and have very little difference to pay for the new Seltos. Hopefully, the shipping ports will unclog and we will have our new Seltos in 2-3 months.

Looking forward to learning more about the Seltos, and I will be posting a few questions later today. Sorry for being so long winded.

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