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Hi, Ive had the whirring/buzzing noise in my 1.6l turbo LTD Seltos since soon after new. It sounded like it was coming from top left side under the hood and would change in unison with the revs. Youre right, it sounded like I was driving a toy.
Well, I can now say absolutely positively that the noise was from the high pressure fuel pump (pic attached) that sits on top of the motor on the left side. Its cam driven off the motor. NO MORE DREADED BUZZING NOISE. The new fuel pump still makes some sound but its normal. It took 3 visits to the dealer before they stopped trying me on so as to avoid the issue and actually replaced the pump. Also had a slight rattle in the HUD unit. They replaced the entire HUD assembly at a cost of $5000NZ...doesnt anybody actually repair anything anymore? Such a waste of resources.
Anyhow, the noises are gone and Im happy.


21 - 21 of 21 Posts