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Traction control too sensitive?

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First highway drive and the traction control activates over the smallest bumps in the road. Activated traction control 5 times, 2 times with it manually turned off. Anyone else have this issue? 2022 EX
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I noticed this on my seltos also today for the first time .1100 km. On vehicle.
My 2023 Seltos purchased August 2022 traction control started acting up over the weekend. Heard a grinding noise on a right hand turn out of a gas station. Drove straight and it was fine for a mile. Then turned on side street and grinding noise came back along with the traction control light. Pulled over. Turned off engine. Checked underbody if something else was causing the noise. Nothing. Started it again. The noise seemed to go away mostly (just faint grinding sound occassional). Drove a mile. Turned it off again for longer (15 min). Turned it back on and drove around. The noise seemed to be gone since then (now a 5 days). Disturbing for a new car.
Could snow/ice in wheel well be the cause?
Welp. Add me to this list.

Drove around town for hours today without issue. Park at home for about 90mins, then decide to leave for a bite to eat. As soon as I pull out of my driveway, grinding and the traction control light on. I don't have to be turning for it to happen. Happens randomly every 30-60 secs and last between 1/2 second and 2 seconds. Happens regardless if the traction control is turned on or off. No snow or ice around here at the moment. 2023 SX with 5,500 miles on it.

Everyone's just go away? Or has anyone taken theirs to a dealer for repair?

Bought a new car so I wouldn't have to deal with $#!& like this...
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