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Hi all, just joined the forum. I ordered an S trim Seltos a couple of weeks ago and was told "2-3 months" but have to admit I'm skeptical when I see the scarcity at the moment -- Kia website shows only three available, all of which are over 700 miles away from me in Georgia, and TrueCar is showing 48 available nationwide. It wasn't anywhere near this bad a couple of weeks ago when I ordered, but now I'm hearing the war is increasing the hold-up? Ugh...

My stepson totaled his truck back in September and is in bankruptcy, so though he did end up getting some back on his truck after paying it off through the courts, the chances of him being able to buy a new one especially in this market are slim to none, so we decided to sell him our Forte for enough to pay off our loan and buy a new Seltos. We've been ride-sharing the Forte for over six months now through all this, and given our vastly different schedules and long commutes, it's be a huge headache. After jumping through hoops trying to buy something off various lots (obviously not happening) we ordered, and I hope it comes in within the timeframe quoted, but....

Anybody have any recent experience ordering an S?
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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