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Now is the time of year when many people take to the roads. Maybe it's visiting family or friends for the holidays, taking a vacation, or just a short day trip to get away from it all for a few minutes. Whatever the occasion, everyone knows a great road trip starts with great music.

What are you putting on your road trip playlist, or what station are you tuning in on the radio? What is the first song that always makes the cut? Is there a mood you are trying to set? If you have a link to a playlist you'd like to share, please include it in your post!

Have fun, and thank you for being a part of!
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Maybe I'm weird...(who am I kidding? :ROFLMAO:), but I rarely listen to music (or anything) at all when I'm on a long road trip. I even took the radio out of my old VW Cabby and replaced it with oil press and AFR gauges panel...drove all the way from Prince Albert, SK to Colorado Springs, CO like that...(Dubs along the Rockies show)

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Usually Sirius (Outlaw Country, Classic Vinyl, James McMurtry station) or a True Crime or Dave Ramsey podcast. But currently listening to audio book of Steve Van Zandt (remarkable man, more than an E Streeter or Silvio from The Sopranos).
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