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Where did your Seltos take you today?

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As we emerge from Shelter in Place or simply practice social distancing, thought it would be nice to start a thread so we can share our adventures while driving our Seltos.

Today, took the access road up Cuesta Grade in SLO, CA. The AWD got me up to the top safe and sound. Descent Control brought me back down. Gotta say it was worth it!

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I never did reply to this after the trip in Sept 2022, Here they are.

Sandy Beach Driving, Long Beach Washington.
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Big Sur, California
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Death Valley, California
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Long Canyon Road, Moab Utah
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Shafer Trail, Moab Utah
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Great pics, and thanks for the update. Just found this thread thanks to your update. I wonder why that amazing red, like Texas 250 has above, never came as a colour option to Australia. We got every colour but that. I would have gone for it, but am more than happy with my Mars Orange.
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