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Wiper issue

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I have 2021 Kia S model with a windshield wiper issue. On intermittent the wiper will pause at random positions instead of in the down position. It also seems like the pause time is longer than it should be when it pauses mid wipe. It doesn't always do this, most of the time it works fine. It is a bit hazardous as often the positions it pauses is right in my field of view. I had it in once to the dealer and they couldn't find anything. I showed them a clip from my dash cam, but they weren't very interested.

Anyone else have this issue?
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2021 Kia GTLine.
Canberra, Australia.
I have exactly this issue, works most of the time on auto mode, but very light rain and the wipers go into intermittent mode, after a while the wipers will suddenly stop mid wipe, normally on the up stroke, you then wait for the cycle to continue and complete the wipe, or tap the single wipe function on the wiper stalk.
I contacted my dealer who asked for me to bring it in, and then they started working normally so cancelled the appointment.
It's happened again, again just sprinkle rain, very light but enough for the rain sensor to activate.
Always happens on the up stroke of the wipers and they generally freeze in your direct line of sight.
Sometimes the wiper will not return to its normal park position either, stops a couple of centimeters from this position.
I'm thinking its the intermittent wiper relay overheating or maybe the relay is located where the cabin heater is, most of these occasions the heater was on due to cold weather.
I'm wondering if this event gets captured in the logs the car computer records.
Anyone know where this relay is hiding in the car ?
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New symptom for me, just started yesterday.

Since the intermittent setting can result in wipers stopping mid wipe blocking my driving view, I had it on low yesterday. When I got home, I turned the wipers to off and they stopped in the vertical position. I had to turn them on and off 3 times to get them to stop in the horizontal position.

Dealer has not been able to recreate the issue when it has been in for service. I'm hoping someone, somewhere figures this out. I'd think wipers stopping in the middle of the windshield would be a high liability concern; it could easily cause an accident.
These kind of weird issues always make me think of it being a grounding issue. The car bodies are that well dunked with anti-rust and then the paint, that I suspect the parts then mounted to the chassis or body sometimes have a dud/intermittent connection to negative/ground. This could be affected by vibration, and differrences in temp, or humidity, etc. I remember once when I bought a new Mitsi Galant Sigma the intermittent wipe started not working. The garage found the grounding on the motors was dodgy, tightened things up - worked perfectly after that. I had similar issues another time with the horn and cruise control. In another Mitsi actually - the Verada ei Touring. Again, a simple dodgy negative ground connection, both in the steering wheel boss. If you can access the wiper motors, try unscrewing the mounting screws a bit then screwing them up tight again several times, and then let us all know how that worked.
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